This Article is From Jan 18, 2012

Tharoor for urgent resolution of waste disposal crisis

Tharoor for urgent resolution of waste disposal crisis
Thiruvananathapuram: Former Union Minister and member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor, has expressed concern over the "serious situation" arising out of stoppage of garbage collection and disposal in the state capital.

In a statement here, Tharoor called for immediate reopening of the Vilapilsala waste processing plant on the outskirts of the city as it has remained dysfunctional for about a month following resistance from local people.

"Larger issues and alternative measures and improvements can be considered, but it is not right to give up on the Vilapilsala treatment complex," the Congress Member of Parliament who represents Tiruvananthapuram in the Lok Sabha, said.

Tharoor urged people in Vilapilsala to cooperate in the larger public interest until alternative arrangements were completed.