This Article is From Jul 01, 2016

Smuggler Veerappan's Wife Slams 'Improper' Portrayal Of Husband In Film

Smuggler Veerappan's Wife Slams 'Improper' Portrayal Of Husband In Film

The day he was killed, October 18, 2004, Veerapan was planning to take a medical treatment for his eye in South Arcot. (File photo)

Chennai: Wife of dead sandalwood smuggler Veerappan, V Muthulakshmi, today hit out at filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's bilingual flick 'Veerappan', claiming it had portrayed her husband in an improper way and urged the public not to watch the movie.

"As a wife, only I know his personal life. I really do not know how this film director has made this movie," she said.

"I have lived with him for four years and my two daughters were born in the forest. Nobody knows his personal life and his background. I appeal to people not to watch this movie," she told reporters.

She alleged that the movie was not a true portrayal of her husband and addressed him in 'improper terms' without due respect and wondered if they would do it had he been alive. Directed by Mr Varma, the movie "Veerappan" was released in Hindi and Tamil languages.

Stating that she would make a film based on "facts" of Veerappan in future, she questioned noted police officer K Vijay Kumar's efforts to write a book on the operation.

Special Task Force Chief K Vijay Kumar had led the team that killed Veerappan in 'Operation Cocoon' in 2004.

"He joined the final leg of the search (of my husband). Initially, it was (former IG) Devaram. After that, several police officials joined the search. If Devaram had written that book, I would have accepted it," she said.