This Article is From Oct 19, 2012

Caught on camera: Pune cop creates ruckus at Enrique Iglesias concert

The organisers of the Enrique Iglesias concert in Pune have released security camera footage to prove that the police created a ruckus at one of the concert gates and beat up people including some of the organisers.

There have been allegations that some people who were in Pune at the Enrique Inglesias concert were allegedly roughed up by the police. The organisers and the cops have vastly differing versions of why.

The organisers say that on Wednesday night, a senior policeman who had been granted complimentary passes tried to bring in more guests. When he was stopped, he allegedly hit an organiser and a few people working the event with a stick.

Without naming the officer, the organisers, in a statement issued in Pune today, said that when they objected to the entry of a large number of guests brought by him for the concert, "a certain assistant commissioner of police (ACP) started hitting the organisers with a stick in his hand."

The statement said a "written application" had been filed with police, complaining against the officer concerned.

Police, however, said they had not registered a complaint against ACP VT Pawar, who was on bandobast duty for the concert.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Manoj Patil said police are investigating the circumstances which led to the alleged complaint and a decision on admitting an FIR would be taken afterwards.

When contacted, ACP Pawar said police had to enforce security measures at the concert as the organisers were allowing people inside the venue without proper frisking.

"There were several students at the concert who were drunk...The organisers had deployed bouncers at the gates who were not frisking the guests properly...when we objected, they got of them present at the gates pushed me," Mr Pawar said.   

He denied having brought his own guests for the concert which allegedly led to a fracas with the organisers.

(With PTI inputs)