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"I want to talk about the experience I recently had with in the hopes that it can be helpful for others out there that might be in the same situation I was in." Tim Bernard, our sport expert, certified personal trainer of 15+ years. Review: Feedback About USA Online Steroid Shop

“They were able to sort me out when I needed it and have done an excellent job since then. If it can save a few people from having to go through the same headache that I did from the beginning, then writing this will have been worth it.”

Why I had to change my supplier

I was previously getting pretty good service with another site (I won't mention any names at this point because I think their business days are already numbered) and hadn't shopped around much because it was seemingly dependable.

I was regularly buying my Dianabol from them and noticed that the shipping times were becoming less reliable. It was coming a week late sometimes and I was starting to get a little worried that it may affect my training schedule if I didn't have it in time.

The last straw was when it just didn't show up at all. I had been in contact with their customer care in the past about the last late shipment, so I figured I would be able to get it sorted with them again. This time they just didn't respond. So, I sent them another email, and again nothing. Radio silence. Since I'd already paid for the Dianabol, I was pretty damn annoyed.

Not only did I feel cheated, I also now needed my D-bol quick time to avoid messing up my training plan.

So now I'm back at the frustrating stage of trying to find the best site to order from. I made the mistake of not checking out the reviews the first time around. That's probably part of what got me into this mess in the first place.

How I was looking for a new steroid seller online

I naturally started with a google search. I must have looked at 10-15 sites and as I'm sure a lot of you know, it's not easy to sort through the good from the bad sometimes. So, I basically made of short list of the sites that seemed to have a mix between a good selection of products, shipping in the U.S., and decent pricing.

Then I went through the list of sites one by one to check that:

1. They had products readily available so I wouldn't have to wait for long shipping times

2. They offer some sort of shipping guarantee in case the package doesn't arrive or arrives with damaged products

3. They provide safe payment options that can be easily refunded in case there turns out to be any issues with the shipping or order itself

4. Then lastly, I checked that they had a way of contacting a real human for customer support if I ever needed it

Any site that didn't seem to provide all of the above, I removed it from the list. After that I was left with the top three sites that I found to have everything I was looking for -, hulkroids, and

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Monster steroids reviews

I searched “monstersteroids review” like a lot of customers do when they are buying from someone for the first time. We all understand that these reviews can be manipulated but at least you can get a rough idea of the differences between shops.

So, this is where I checked out some of the reviews and went into the details a little further with each site. For those that may not use it, is a great site when it comes to their source's reviews section, and has a ton of helpful reviews to go through.

The main takeaway from the reviews that I read (and I read a lot of reviews) and a few fitness forums that I asked around on was that was probably the way to go.

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I was able to find the brand I normally use (Alpha Pharma), and saw some others that I will also be looking into for future use. Website looks good, and you don't ever get the feeling that you're on one of the second-rate sites that you can sometimes come across when looking for some of these products.

They seemed to have the best shipping times (which I desperately needed at this point), all of the payment options anyone could possibly need, and a big selection of products on the site.

Why payment options are important for me? The majority of steroid shops offer crypto payments only. This is fine as long as you have dealt with this particular seller a few times already and if you are already confident in their product quality and shipping times. Otherwise, I stick to sellers who offer credit card payments only. I mean REAL card payments (not instructions like “go to an exchange site, buy crypto with your card from them, send them your ID as a verification, come back to our site and send us crypto”). In this case you are sending crypto to someone you do not know, and the chances you will never get your order are very high.

My first purchase from

Before I placed my order I asked the sales team to send me real pictures of the products since lots of sellers don't have inventory at hand. My goal here was to not only check if Monster Steroids actually has the inventory in stock, but also check the expiration dates on the products, as well as the manufacturer's authentication codes which can be found on each product and verified online. After I was happy that everything checked out, I went ahead with buying the products in my shopping cart.

Placing an order with them was much quicker and straight forward than the site I had been using before. MonsterSteroids send you a credit card payment link, then I was able to pay using my Walmart MoneyCard (a reloadable debit card that I use for online shopping with new sources). This way I can claim back my payment in the event of a missing delivery, fake or expired products.

A tracking code was sent to me 2 days later, but it only became available for online tracking 2 more days after that. I was slightly worried at first until I messaged the support team who explained that it's common practice for export clearance to provide tracking codes before they become live and it can take a few days before you can actually track them.

Shipping rate was slightly high if you compare it with some other sellers (flat $30 worldwide), but it's because they send products from abroad (which is better for me because of security reasons). Another thing worth mentioning is that Monstersteroids offers free reshipping if your order is taken by customs, damaged or lost in transit.

After I saw that my package was in the States I signed up for daily updates on and got an email from them every time my package moved location.

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Total shipping time was 10 days to Florida. Unpacking was totally fine and none of pills appeared to be damaged.

I went to the Alpha Pharma website to check if the products were fakes or not. All was good. And the expiration date was August 2024 (I ordered in January 2024.)

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The entire experience with MonsterSteroids.netwas easier in general than what I'm used to. That was a few months ago now, and I've had consistently good service since then. I placed 2 more orders after that, and I haven't needed to contact their customer service department even once since I've had zero reason to.

Every order has come on time and without any issues. I also tested some Anavar, Deca Durabolin and Trenbolone from them which were all legit too.

I hope this helps someone out there looking for a supplier right now, since I really don't want anyone to have to go through the same experience that I did. I'd happily recommend this site to my friends and will continue to recommend it to anyone who's needing a reliable online source.

I haven't needed to test the other 2 sites I mentioned above but if anyone is interested, just drop us a message and I'll post a detailed review of those too.

Thanks for reading. Stay happy and healthy guys!

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