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9 Kratom Brands To Stay Away From At ALL Costs

Discover 9 Kratom brands to stay away from, below.

9 Kratom Brands To Stay Away From At ALL Costs

There are several kratom brands to stay away from despite all the recent attention the herbal supplement has received.

These brands have been found to produce dangerous side effects, including overdoses.

Nevertheless, new users can avoid these suspect companies by staying alert and being aware of these red flags.

Discover 9 Kratom brands to stay away from, below:

9 Kratom Brands To Stay Away From

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Kratom has received much attention of late.1

The herbal leaf is native to Africa and Southeast Asia.

In the past, the herbal supplement has been used for a variety of religious and medicinal purposes.2

Kratom exists in the coffee family and is often brewed into a tea designed to increase energy and improve performance.3

Moreover, the leaves are frequently chewed or smoked as a substitute for opium.4

Accordingly, kratom is also used for pain management and falling asleep.5

Kratom also improves mood, lowers anxiety, enhances pleasure, and increases sex drive in some users.6

Be that as it may, several companies have been identified in the past for unethical business practices.

These include manufacturing products with very high levels of mitragynine and other dangerous alkaloids / compounds.7

Consequently, these companies produce kratom that causes bad side effects along with the threat of an overdose.

For this reason, there are several kratom brands that users should stay away from, including:

1. Phoria

2. Whyodious

3. K Shot Black

4. O.P.M.S.

5. Pure Infinity Botanicals

6. Remarkable Herbs

7. Whole Herbs Kratom

8. The Kratom Distro

9. Choice Botanicals

For now, the health and safety risks associated with kratom are unclear.8

Kratom is not currently approved or regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Furthermore, researchers have identified at least 9 products that have caused dangerous reactions and side effects.

These include dangerous kratom powders, capsules, and liquid shots.

As such, users must exercise caution when buying kratom online.

Learn more about 9 kratom brands to stay away from, below:

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#1. Phoria

Unfortunately, there are several kratom brands that people should stay away from.

Recently, the Tampa Bay Times exposed several kratom brands that deliberately attempt to fool and mislead customers.

The report found that these products contain such high levels of dangerous compounds that they have caused a series of overdoses.

Notwithstanding, most new users are completely unaware of the dangerous side effects or health risks.

KTAB by Phoria is a perfect example of a brand that intends to deceive new customers.

The product contains kratom tablets which are generally far more potent compared to standard kratom leaf powders.

In fact, experts believe that brands like Phoria should not be allowed to exist.

Phoria advertises that its product is excellent for "improving mood and getting pain relief."

However, some argue that this type of advertising makes false or misleading medical claims.

For now, there is limited evidence that kratom provides the health benefits advertised on many of these products.

Moreover, the substance is not currently approved or regulated by the FDA.

Thus, people should always exercise caution and speak with a licensed physician before using kratom.

Phoria may present the appearance of a company that has developed a strong rapport with previous customers.

The website looks professional and offers a wide range of kratom products.

Despite this, it's precisely the tactic that many scams use to cheat customers out of their hard-earned money.

#2. Whyodious Botanicals

Whyodious Botanicals is another kratom brand that people should stay away from.

How so?

Whyodious Botanicals 7-OHMZ kratom tablets contain very high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine.9

In fact, the levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine are so extreme that one researcher compares the product to "legal morphine." 10

Abhisheak Sharma, a University of Florida scientist, has gone on record stating that Whyodious Botanicals should not be allowed to remain in operation.

The product is sold in a small package of only 3 tablets.

It makes it difficult for new users to determine the appropriate serving size, which the online supplier claims is only "half a tablet."

Sharma is suspicious of kratom products that contain 7-hydroxymitragynine because of the chemical process used to create the substance.11

It doesn't help that Whyodicious Botanicals appear to be hiding behind something.

You'll receive zero help or assistance from customer support which has hung up on reporters in the past.

Therefore, are you willing to trust your personal information and money with a shady company?

Unfortunately, Whyodicious Botanicals is just one of many scams out there that only care about making a quick buck.

The company could care less about risking your personal health or safety.

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#3. K Shot Black

K Shot Black is another great example of a scam.

The product was once sold as a powder-packed liquid kratom shot.

It was reported to offer the benefits of using kratom with more rapid, stronger effects.

Unfortunately, there are many risks to using liquid kratom shots since they often contain dangerous amounts of alkaloids / compounds.

For example, K Shot Black liquid shots featured no dosing instructions or information about its potency.

Meanwhile, a study conducted at the University of Florida discovered that K Shot Black contains 3x the amount of suggested mitragynine.12

Researchers believe that potent kratom extracts like K Shot Black should not exist, especially for new users.

Nevertheless, a quick online search yields many different results.

The Tampa Bay Times published a news report that exposed the K Shot brand and forced it to discontinue operations.

Previously, reporters had attempted to contact the company through multiple texts and emails.

Despite this, none of the messages were returned, which proved that K Shot was only in the business of making a quick dime.

#4. O.P.M.S.

O.P.M.S. is another kratom brand to stay away from.


In the past, the company has released multiple products that have caused health concerns.

O.P.M.S. has both kratom capsules and liquid shots for sale, which makes experts worried.

The mitragynine levels in O.P.M.S. capsules have not been found to be as potent as leaf powder and liquid shots.

Be that as it may, many companies (like O.P.M.S.) often package the kratom pills in large quantities.

For example, it's not uncommon to receive a package that contains dozens, or even hundreds of capsules.

Unfortunately, the packaging also fails to provide any helpful advice on proper usage and dosing.

Furthermore, customers are not warned about how kratom may interact with other medications or preexisting health conditions.

Accordingly, it is little surprise that O.P.M.S. has been found at the scene of multiple overdoses.

Even worse, representatives from the company have failed to take any accountability for their actions.

O.P.M.S representatives have declined multiple interview requests and continue to dodge the harsh reality that its products are harmful to customers.

Previously, researchers discovered that O.P.M.S. Gold Liquid kratom contains 2x more mitragynine than recommended to consume per day.

Nevertheless, the company continues to operate and deceive unsuspecting customers.

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#5. Pure Infinity Botanicals

Pure Infinity Botanicals, at first glance, looks legit.

The website looks professional and offers a wide selection of kratom.

Customers have the option of buying kratom powder, capsules, and liquid shots.

Pure Infinity Botanicals chewables include kratom and kava blends.

The brand, like O.P.M.S., delivers its capsules in massive concentrations.

In the past, people have reported getting 100 - 120 capsules per bag with no precise directions for proper use.

Additionally, the product does not provide any safety information regarding how the substance may interfere with other medications / health conditions.

Despite this, owner Josh Sutherland, when confronted about the health and safety guidelines, claims it is "old packaging that is still floating around."

Sutherland was adamant that the health guidelines and disclaimers on the packaging would change, but they haven't yet.

The problem is Pure Infinity Botanicals remains in operation despite these misleading claims.

Pure Infinity Botanicals continues to advertise its "simply potent" kratom despite the known health risks.

The company may suggest it values honesty and transparency by releasing "certified lab results."

Nevertheless, it's only another weak effort to bolster its credentials while misleading customers in other regards.

#6. Remarkable Herbs

Remarkable Herbs is another company that doesn't really care about your personal health or safety.

In the past, the brand has been found at the site of multiple overdoses in Florida.

Despite this, the company remains in operation and continues to mislead customers.

The website is presentable and makes strong claims like its products are "all-natural" and "quality guaranteed."

Additionally, the company informs people that it's the longest-running U.S. operation, having been in existence since 2001.

Be that as it may, you would think a company that has been in operation for a long time would figure out how to produce authentic packaging.

The brand does not provide any dosing information or safety warnings.

Previously, researchers have discovered that Remarkable Herbs kratom supplements contain large amounts of mitragynine.

Even worse, when reporters attempted to contact Remarkable Herbs, they found that the phone number and email didn't work.

Remarkable Herbs has made no efforts to correct its public image or become more transparent with existing customers.

Consequently, the kratom brand is another one that users want to stay away from.

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#7. Whole Herbs Kratom

Whole Herbs is another untrustworthy online supplier of kratom.

The company is known for shipping large amounts of capsules (200 - 250) to customers.

Additionally, the brand does not provide users with any information regarding health risks or dosage.

The lack of information has caused multiple incidents, including a kratom-related overdose in Florida.

Whole Herbs Kratom has failed to take responsibility for the overdose and continues to exist.

It's a significant problem, considering Whole Herbs Kratom doesn't even have a phone number or email that is functional.

Be that as it may, the affordable price makes the kratom capsules popular with unsuspecting customers.

Whole Herbs Kratom attempts to get new customers to subscribe and save.

It's a poor attempt to steal your personal information and then hound you with exclusive offers, such as free shipping.

#8. The Kratom Distro

The Kratom Distro is another frequent violator that abuses the trust and reliance new users have on the company.

Previously, researchers have found that its premium white-horned Maeng Da powder contains more mitragynine per gram than most kratom powders.

Furthermore, the company does not provide any information about the potency of its product.

The Kratom Distro suggests taking 1 gram per serving yet does not identify how many grams are in the package.

Moreover, the brand fails to provide safety warnings about how the substance may interact with other medications or pre-existing health conditions.

The Kratom Distro powder has been found at the scenes of overdoses.

However, when reporters attempted to contact the company, a representative immediately hung up.

Since then, the company has failed to respond to follow-up requests via text and email.

For this reason, people should avoid buying kratom from this online supplier.

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#9. Choice Botanicals

Choice Botanicals ranks among the top kratom brands to stay away from.

First and foremost, the Maeng Da kratom green strain has been found to contain more mitragynine per gram compared to most powders.

Additionally, the packaging is poor and does not provide any safety information.

Customers receive zero guidance on how potent the product is or the correct dosage.

For this reason, the product is often abused and has been found at the scene of overdoses.

Choice Botanicals continues to mislead and trick new customers.

In fact, an investigation found that a QR code linked to lab results from a dated study.

Therefore, I do not have much faith in the lab reports, which are supposed to verify that users are getting the real thing.

Choice Botanicals founder Billy Cosgrove has avoided reporters in the past as well as threatened legal ramifications.

It kind of sounds like the founder of another kratom online supplier who falsely claims that real kratom doesn't lead to overdoses.

9 Kratom Brands To Stay Away From Summary

There are several kratom brands that users should stay away from.

Often, these companies provide false advertising and misleading information to new customers.

Moreover, many of these products have been found to contain very high, dangerous levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Kratom may produce some benefits (increased energy, better mood, and performance), yet it also features several health risks.

Accordingly, users must avoid buying kratom from a company that lacks a quality reputation and repeatedly cheats customers out of their money.

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