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Discover the Latest Exter Price and Tata Tiago EV On-Road Price: Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Buying in 2024

In the search for a new car in 2024, two standout options worth considering are the Hyundai Exter and the Tata Tiago EV

Discover the Latest Exter Price and Tata Tiago EV On-Road Price: Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Buying in 2024

If you're planning to buy a new car in 2024, two of the most popular options worth considering are the Hyundai Exter and the Tata Tiago EV. Both vehicles offer impressive features and specifications for their price points. In this blog, we will provide you with all the key details about the Exter price and Tata Tiago EV on-road price to help you make an informed decision.

Hyundai Exter Price

The Exter price  ranges from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 11.28 lakh. Here is a breakdown of the variant-wise Exter price in Delhi:

● EX - Rs. 7.00 lakh
● 1.2 EX(O) - Rs. 7.39 lakh
● S - Rs. 8.50 lakh
● S O - Rs. 8.69 lakh
● SX - Rs. 9.33 lakh
● SX(O) Connect- Rs. 10.80 lakh
● SX(O) Connect AMT - Rs. 11.28 lakh

The Exter price depends on factors like location, variants, and ongoing offers. It's advisable to check prices with your nearest Hyundai dealer for accurate prices in your city.

Hyundai Exter Mileage

The Hyundai Exter delivers an ARAI-claimed mileage of 19.4 km/l for both manual and automatic petrol variants. For the CNG variant, it provides 27.1 km/kg. On average, you can expect around 13-15 km/l in city driving conditions and 16-18 km/l on highways, depending on road conditions, driving style, and payload.

Hyundai Exter Specifications

Some key specifications of the base E variant Hyundai Exter are:

● Mileage: 19.40 km/l
● Engine: 1197 cc
● Maximum Power: 82bhp@6000 rpm
● Maximum Torque: 113Nm@4000 rpm
● Gearbox: 5-Speed Manual
● Power Steering: Electric
● Boot Space: 391 litres
● Length: 3815 mm
● Width: 1710 mm
● Height: 1631 mm

Tata Tiago EV On Road Price

The Tata Tiago EV's road price ranges from Rs. 8.55 lakh to Rs. 12.65 lakh in Delhi. Some of the variant-wise prices are:

● XE - Rs. 8.55 lakh
● XT - Rs. 9.57 lakh
● XT Long - Rs. 10.60 lakh
● XZ Plus Long - Rs. 11.62 lakh
● XZ Plus Long FC - Rs. 12.14 lakh
● XZ Plus Tech LUX Long - Rs. 12.14 lakh
● XZ Plus Tech LUX Long FC - Rs. 12.65 lakh

The on-road price will differ across cities and states based on local taxes. It's advisable to check the  Tata Tiago EV on road price with your nearest Tata dealer. Several state governments also offer subsidies that can make the Tiago EV more affordable.

Tata Tiago EV Mileage

The Tata Tiago EV has an ARAI-certified range of 315 km per full charge. It provides 250 km/full charge in city driving conditions and up to 300 km/full charge on highways.

Some important details about Tata Tiago EV mileage:

● ARAI Certified Range: 315 km/full charge
● City Mileage: 250 km/full charge
● Highway Mileage: 300 km/full charge
● Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
● Battery Capacity: 24 kWh

The actual mileage may differ based on driving habits, speed, air conditioning usage, etc. However, the Tiago EV ensures sufficient driving range even with heavy city usage.

Key Features of Tata Tiago EV

The Tata Tiago EV comes loaded with many useful features, some of which are highlighted below:

● Electric Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
● Power - 73.75 BHP
● Torque - 114 Nm
● Top Speed - 85 km/h
● Transmission: Single-Speed Automatic
● Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive
● Charging Time (0-80% DC Fast Charging) - 58 minutes
● Charging Options: 3.3 kW AC, 7.2 kW AC, 25 kW DC
● Dual Airbags
● ABS with EBD
● Rear Parking Sensor
● Power Windows (Front)
● Engine Push Button Start/Stop
● Climate Control

The Tiago EV variants get additional premium features like a rearview camera, digital instrument cluster, cruise control and an advanced touchscreen infotainment system. It's a fully loaded-electric car for city use.

Choosing Between Hyundai Exter and Tata Tiago EV

While both vehicles have their positives, here are a few factors to consider when deciding between the Hyundai Exter and Tata Tiago EV:

Budget: The Exter price range starts lower, but Tiago EV offers attractive subsidies. Do thorough research on Exter price and Tata Tiago EV on-road price in your location.
Running Costs: The Tiago EV will work out much cheaper to run and maintain in the long run due to negligible fuel costs.
Charging Infrastructure: EV charging infrastructure is still developing but improves every month. Consider the location and your charging needs.
Usage Type: Exter suits occasional long trips, while Tiago EV is better for regular city commutes.

We would suggest test-driving both models as per your priority between fuel efficiency, features, maintenance costs and suitability for your daily usage needs. An EV can make strong financial sense in the long run if you have home or office charging access.


Both the Hyundai Exter and Tata Tiago EV offer exciting options for buyers looking at fuel efficiency and features. Do thorough research on Exter price, Tata Tiago EV on-road price, running costs, specifications and post-sales to make the right choice as per your priority and budget in 2024.

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