The A-Z of 'Acche Din'

A is for AAP
               That stripped the BJP of its halo and showed up its Lok Sabha victory as a flash in the pan

A is also for Agrarian Distress
                  That is the chief outcome of One Year of Modi: agri growth is down now to under one per cent

B is for Black Money
               That Modi promised to bring back at Rs.15 lakh a head, but which languishes still in foreign banks while domestic black swells and swells

B is also for Budgets cuts
                 That Modi's government has savagely imposed on social sectors like Health, Education, MNREGA and Child Nutrition

B is finally for Banks
                     Or perhaps "bankruptcy", since Non-Performing Assets have reached the highest point ever but credit off-take lags far behind alleged GDP growth

C is for Chai-wallah
               That Modi never was; he helped out in a canteen at the State Transport Depot taken on contract by his family

D is for Development
               Of the Gujarat kind, which means fattening the fat cat by grabbing land from innocent mice

D is also for Dignity, Decorum, and Decency
                 That Modi throws to the winds every time he addresses NRIs abroad

E is for Environment
                 That is being ruthlessly wrecked with clearances fast-tracked without a care for the consequences

E is also for Exports
               That continue to plummet, dragging the Rupee down to depths not plumbed before

F is for FDI
               That Modi hopes will bail him out, but which fights shy, seeking action not slogans  

F is also for Ford Foundation
                That Modi is hounding, little honouring its huge contribution to the consolidation of Development and Democracy in our land
G is for Godhra
               And all that followed, which Modi wants us to forget but which the nation cannot   

G is also for Ghar Wapsi
                 That discredits Modi and calls into question his protestations

G is finally for Greenpeace
                   That Modi is going after for having the temerity to question him and his policies
H is for Hindutva
               Modi's badge of pride, even if it alarms all those who believe in the Idea of India

I is for Industrialists
              The heartless crowd that within a year has turned on Modi

I is also for Indian Council of Historical Research
               That is headed by a pracharak and is being packed with mythologists, not historians

J is for Jayalalithaa
              That elusive will o' the wisp, who keeps Modi dangling in despairing hope

K is for Kisan
                Whose very existence is being snuffed out because Modi considers them a nuisance and a roadblock to growth

L is for Land
                 That Modi wants to acquire with both hands to pass on to his "suited-booted" cronies

M is for Minorities
                That Modi has ceaselessly failed to protect

M is also for Manufacturing
                That adamantly refuses to pick up despite Modi's pleadings

N is for Nagpur
                That dictates the BJP's every move

O is for Ordinances
                That Modi spews like a fountain

P is for Panchayats
               That Modi grossly neglects

P is for Parliament
               That Modi is also grossly neglecting

Q is for Questions
                That hang over Modi's acche din - aakhir, hain kahan?

R is for RSS
                That rules the roost

R is also for Rafale
                 That has killed "Make in India"

S is for Swachch Bharat
               That has left us as filthy as before

T is for Talkathons
               That Modi loves treating himself to, forgetting the Gita's injunction that action is his duty

U is for Ubiquitous
                That means Modi being everywhere

U is also for Universities
                Left headless while Modi's government seeks saffron ideologues to fill the vacancies

V is for Voter
               Duped and abandoned

W is for Wife
                Whose RTI petition is callously thrown in the dustbin

X is for Xmas
              That Modi has obliterated as a holiday (also, see point M on Minorities)

Y is for YOU
        You poor misled citizen

Z is for Zero
          The mark awarded to One Year of Modi

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(Mani Shankar Aiyar is a Congress MP in the Rajya Sabha.)

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