"You Never Feel Alone Here": Why This Frenchman Chose India Over France

Jean-Baptiste, a Frenchman, has lived in India for 21 years, sharing insights into why he chose Mumbai as his permanent home.

'You Never Feel Alone Here': Why This Frenchman Chose India Over France

Jean-Baptiste emphasises the profound peace he found in India.

In a world where stories of Indians settling in Europe and the United States abound, it is rare to hear of individuals from the West making India their permanent home. Jean-Baptiste, a Frenchman, has defied this norm by living in India for the past 21 years. His journey and experiences offer a unique perspective on what draws foreigners to India and what keeps them there.

In a YouTube video, Jean-Baptiste, now a long-term resident of Mumbai, shared insights into his life and the country that has captivated him. He highlighted the unexpected similarities between India and France, his strategies for forming meaningful connections with Indians, and the profound peace of mind he has found in his adopted home. He expressed his fondness for the fast-paced city of Mumbai, stating, "You never feel lonely in India, and people are gentle. Indian people don't have western egos and can become friends very easily."

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Common Ground Between India and France

According to Jean-Baptiste, India and France share a surprising number of cultural and social similarities. Both countries value family bonds, cherish their rich historical heritage, and exhibit a deep appreciation for art and cuisine. This shared cultural depth provided Jean-Baptiste with a sense of familiarity and comfort, easing his transition from France to India.

Making friends in India

Jean-Baptiste emphasised the importance of understanding and respecting Indian customs and traditions to build friendships. He found that being open-minded and genuinely interested in Indian culture helped him forge strong connections. Participating in local festivals, learning the language, and showing respect for the diverse traditions of India were key steps in making lifelong friends.

Finding peace of mind

One of the most compelling reasons Jean-Baptiste chose to stay in India was the profound sense of peace he discovered. He described India as a place where he could find tranquilly amidst the chaos, attributing this to the country's deep spiritual roots and the warm, welcoming nature of its people. The balance between the vibrant, bustling life of Indian cities and the serene landscapes of rural areas provided him with a unique sense of harmony.

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