Woman Orders Clothes From Shein, Gets Vial Of Blood And Beans Instead

A woman from Tennessee was shocked to discover a mysterious vial of blood in her FedEx package after ordering clothing from Shein.

Woman Orders Clothes From Shein, Gets Vial Of Blood And Beans Instead

The package contained a can of beans and a vial of human blood.

A woman in Tennessee reported an unusual incident after receiving a package from fashion retailer Shein. The package, which was supposed to contain clothes, also included a vial of blood and a can of beans, according to The People.

The woman, Anna Elliott, reached out to the blood testing company listed on the vial. The company confirmed that the vial was mishandled and should not have been shipped to a resident, as per the news outlet.

"I just received a package from Shein that contained a vial of human blood from a testing company. It had no name, no doctor's office, no date," she explained in the social media clip. "The lady from the testing company said they are trying to track it down. She said that it was completely mishandled, and that they don't even ship blood to residents. They only ship blood back and forth between doctors."

Elliott also contacted the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and her local sheriff's department. The CDC is investigating the incident as a potential biohazard.

Shein, the retailer, stated that their investigation showed the package only contained the clothes ordered when it left their facility. They believe the package may have been tampered with during shipping.

The fashion retailer said, "When we were made aware that a customer received a package that had been tampered with, we launched an immediate investigation. This indicated that when the package completed our quality control process and left our facility, it contained only the Shein items ordered. We will continue actively supporting the customer in her continued investigation into what occurred once her package left a Shein facility."

FedEx, the delivery company, apologised for the incident and is taking steps to investigate the matter further.

Elliott also mentioned that a friend of hers received a needle in a separate Shein package earlier this year. However, it is unclear if these incidents are connected.

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