Woman Documents Unfolding Of A Love Story On A Plane, Internet Hearts It

The love story has gone massively viral on social media

Woman Documents Unfolding Of A Love Story On A Plane, Internet Hearts It

Rosey Blair documented the unfolding of an airplane romance for her social media followers.

What started off as an innocuous request to switch seats on an airplane developed into a full-fledged love story that the Internet cannot get enough of. When Rosey Blair and her boyfriend boarded their flight to Dallas, Texas, they discovered they weren't seated together. So Rosey requested the woman next to her to switch seats - and joked that maybe the woman's new seat partner "would be the love of her life".

That's exactly what seems to have happened, going by Rosey's Twitter thread that documents the unfolding of the airplane romance between the woman and her seat partner, who has since been identified as Euan Holden. The thread has gone massively viral, and we'll just let you read about this super sweet rom-com in real life:

When the plane landed, the two appeared to go to baggage claim together

The love story had hundreds of thousands of people hooked, with Rosey's tweets being 'liked' and 'retweeted' more than a million times in all. You can read the whole thread here.

The Internet wasted no time in nicknaming the guy "plane bae", and he was later identified as a former Major-league soccer player, Euan Holden.

The mystery woman is a little more hesitant to reveal her identity, but Rosey reports that she "feels positively" about all the attention

Looks like a happy ending to us!

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