Weekend Expectations vs Reality: These Posts Are All Too Relatable

Live for the weekend? You will love these posts.

Weekend Expectations vs Reality: These Posts Are All Too Relatable

Ileana D'Cruz recently shared a hilarious 'Expectations vs Reality' post.

You wake up on Monday and tell yourself: Just five more days, you can do it. You work through the week, thinking longingly of the weekend. That book you have been meaning to read for days now? You'll get it to it over the weekend. That recipe you wanted to try out? Weekend. The new restaurant you wanted to visit and the 700 chores you had to complete? You'll do it on Saturday and Sunday!

But when the blessed weekend finally rolls around, do you actually do any of the stuff you have been putting off? Or do you catch up on your sleep and spend the whole 48 hours in bed, staring at different screens? Because if your answer is the latter, you will find these hilarious weekend 'expectations vs reality' posts all too relatable. 

A few days ago, actress Ileana D'Cruz shared a post that sums up the difference between "Weekend Mood: Expectations vs Reality", especially during the pandemic when stepping out is inadvisable. The post juxtaposes a clip of the actress all dressed up with an image that shows her yawning in bed. It has collected over 4.6 lakh 'likes' and hundreds of amused comments on Instagram.

Speaking of the pandemic ruining plans - this post from Pooja Batra is totally relatable. The collage of two pics depicts the expectations we had from Summer 2020 and what it actually came to:

Those who can relate

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In May, just weeks into the coronavirus-induced lockdowns across the world, actress Priyanka Chopra had shared a similar ROFL post on the wide gap between what we want and what we get. 

Expectation vs. Reality ????- @divya_jyoti

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Have you ever noticed that weekdays drag and weekends tend to gallop? This hilarious post illustrates it best:

Working on a weekend? This one is for you:

What you want to do vs what you actually do on weekend:

Which post made you laugh out loud? Let us know using the comments section.

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