Watch: Bengaluru Police Shares "Practical Tips" On How To Handle Road Rage Incidents

The video featured several points, guiding viewers on what to do if they end up in similar situations.

Watch: Bengaluru Police Shares 'Practical Tips' On How To Handle Road Rage Incidents

The police department shared an awareness video.

In recent times, incidents of road rage have become quite common. Sometimes, such incidents go beyond verbal altercations and end up in physical fights, causing injuries and damage to the vehicles Now, amid the rising number of road rage cases, Bengaluru Police has shared step-by-step points on how to deal with such incidents. Taking to Instagram, the police department shared an awareness video that iterate that staying calm while navigating such situations is important. The clip opened a fight between commuters. It also featured several points, guiding viewers on what to do if they end up in similar situations. 

"Caught in a heated moment on the road? Remember, safety comes first! Check out our latest video for practical tips on how to handle road rage incidents safely. Stay informed, stay safe," Bengaluru Police wrote while sharing the video. 

Take a look below: 

Bengaluru police department asked commuters to stay calm, avoid arguing with the other person, not try to settle it on their own, take note of the vehicle's details, contact the emergency helpline number and provide them with information about the incident. 

Officials also urged viewers to avoid traffic disruption and take photos of the incident or the vehicle involved. "When the police arrive provide your account of what happened and allow the other person to share their perspective," the seventh point read. Lastly, the cops urged commuters to allow law enforcement to take over from there. 

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Bengaluru police shared the video just a few hours ago. Since then, the post has accumulated more than 405,000 views on Instagram. The clip was also shared on X (formerly Twitter), where several users praised the cops for spreading awareness, however, some accused the department of not doing anything when such incidents occur. Some social media users also claimed that things get challenging for those who can't or aren't fluent in Kannada if they end up in a road rage situation in the city. 

"I loved how @blrcitytraffic is educating public on road safety by using social media.  Not everyone (including police personnel) are clear on the law," wrote one user. "Appreciatethe effort. But no. 7. Police will take sides and side with more money or and influence only. No. 8 innocent people will be paying bribe and money," expressed another. 

"Thanks for the advice and a honest try. But If you don't know kannada, you are immediately targetted and beaten up or have to pay up for your life and no body ever get punished , so no fear and lalwlessness is in our DNA," shared a third user.

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