Viral Memes Show How 2020 Destroyed Everyone's Plans

Memes going viral on social media show how 2020 disrupted people's plans.

Viral Memes Show How 2020 Destroyed Everyone's Plans

'My plans vs 2020' is the latest meme that is amusing social media users.

When people were celebrating the arrival of a new decade on January 1, they had no idea of what 2020 had in store for them. Only a few weeks later, an unprecedented global pandemic confined millions to their homes. Now, in the fifth month of the year, social distancing has become the new normal and many around the world are staying indoors to contain the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus. Going out with friends for a meal, taking a vacation or travelling are pretty much off the table for most, thanks to travel restrictions imposed by coronavirus. 

In such a scenario, people are channeling their disappointment into hilarious memes that show how 2020 destroyed everyone's plans. The 'My plans vs 2020' meme format has gone viral on Twitter, where it is amusing millions. The meme, which has also spread to other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, uses two images to convey the expectations people had from this year versus the reality of it. 

Take a look at some of the funniest 'My plans vs 2020' memes that are making people laugh out loud:

When Mukesh Mehra destroys your plans...

Larry, Chief Mouser to UK's Cabinet Office, also joined the trend

Fans of Game of Thrones will relate...

A picture that accurately captures the mess that is 2020


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