This Article is From Nov 25, 2019

This Woman's Crazy Viral Hand Trick Will Make You Do A Double Take

8.4 million views for the video

This Woman's Crazy Viral Hand Trick Will Make You Do A Double Take

A woman's hand trick video has gone viral on Twitter.

An optical illusion video that has gone viral online might just make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The clip was originally posted to video-sharing platform TikTok by a woman named Tori Pareno, who later shared it on Twitter. In the video, she creates an optical illusion by moving her fingers quickly to make it appear as if the palm of one hand is moving through the other. Coupled with peppy music in the background, the trick has left many Twitter users doing a double take.

"Here's something trippy for your night," wrote Tori Pareno while sharing the video on Twitter on Thursday. Take a look at her optical illusion video below:

The video has been viewed over 8.4 million times since being shared online. It has also more than 5 lakh 'likes' and collected hundreds of impressed comments, many from people trying to figure out how the trick works:

The viral video also inspired many others to try their hand at the trick - with varied results

This isn't the first time that an optical illusion video has given social media users a headache. A few months ago, a video of an arrow that wouldn't point left, no matter how it was turned, left the Internet totally flummoxed.

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