Twitter Can’t Stop Watching Boris Johnson Struggle With Umbrella At Memorial Service

The video shows the prime minister struggling to control the umbrella.

Twitter Can?t Stop Watching Boris Johnson Struggle With Umbrella At Memorial Service

Britain's PM Boris Johnson tries to open his umbrella next to Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

You can be one of the most powerful people in the world, but when you are having a bad day, there is not much you can do. And if you are a public figure chances are that your struggles are for the world to see, especially in this age of social media. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson found himself in such a spot recently, he was caught in a tricky situation with an umbrella that just refused to cooperate with the leader. Mr Johnson was at a memorial service for police officers when he found himself in this slightly weird and embarrassing predicament. 

The clip, shared by Sky News, shows Mr Johnson struggling to control the errant umbrella, albeit to not much avail. The umbrella first refuses to open and when it does, it turns upside down much to the amusement of Prince Charles and the other officials who were seated next to Mr Johnson. Even Mr Johnson is seen breaking into a laugh as he struggles with the umbrella.

Reacting to the video, several social media users could not help but break into laughter.

One user noted, “Two days in a row now there's been an issue with his umbrella,” asking if the government could buy him a new one.

Another user even called the leader a “goof”, adding that incidents like this made people love him.

Some even confessed that they faced the same issues with their umbrellas. 

Another user opined that he was perhaps just not good with umbrellas. 

Tell us what you think of Boris Johnson's predicament.

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