This Article is From May 12, 2021

This Video Of A Toddler And Dog On A Trampoline Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

As the three-year-old girl shouts "wow" and "bounce", the dog barks in response and rolls over on its sides and head

An adorable clip shows a dog bouncing around on a trampoline with a toddler.

An adorable moment of a dog and a toddler jumping enthusiastically on a trampoline in the backyard has caught the attention of Internet users, with the acrobatic pet even performing somersaults and rolling over its head first. The video shows an elated three-year-old Alex, from the mountainous US state of Wyoming, jumping with her best friend, Kona, a two-year-old Rottweiler. The dog appears to be copying the little girl's movements as they jump in sync and keep looking for each other. The video was captured by Alex's parents on May 5.

In the footage, Alex's mother can be heard laughing from behind the camera. As Alex, wearing a pink dress, shouts "wow" and "bounce", the dog barks in response and rolls over on its sides and on its head. It moves excitedly around the girl and appears to be having a great time. The video has also been shared on Twitter, where it has got more than 112,000 views since May 11.

Being on a trampoline helps dogs get a good exercise and works on their joints too. It also helps dogs and their owners develop a great bonding while having some fun. Some dogs may need training before they get familiar with the surface of the bouncy trampoline. For this, dog owners can use their favourite toy to lure them onto the surface and then train them regularly.

However, sometimes dogs don't like being on a trampoline or any other bouncy surface. This is when the pet owners should not force them to be on a trampoline as it is non-productive. Also, dog owners should be careful about injuries suffered by their pets because of a wrong landing on a trampoline.

Last year, thanks to the coronavirus-induced lockdowns worldwide and work-from-home becoming the new normal, dogs got to spend a lot of time in the company of their humans. Suddenly, many photos and videos of dogs spending funny and adorable moments with their humans began to flood social media. These videos brought smiles on the faces of people and some relief from the gloom of the pandemic.

In another funny video posted a few days ago, an angry dog can be seen asking for food with full rage, and we just can't help but laugh after watching it

So, which of these dog videos do you like the most? Post in the comment section below.

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