This Helmet-Wearing Dog From Delhi Has Won Twitter's Heart

"Delhi mein traffic police ka khauf," joked one Twitter user

This Helmet-Wearing Dog From Delhi Has Won Twitter's Heart

A picture of a dog wearing a helmet has gone viral online.

A lot has been said about the Amended Motor Vehicles Act. Many jokes have been cracked and memes have been created in reaction to the massive hikes in traffic fines under the act. However, not enough has been said about some of the more positive things it gave rise to - like this law-abiding, helmet-wearing dog.

An adorable photograph that is going viral online shows a Delhi dog sitting behind his owner on a scooter, dutifully wearing a helmet on his head. The image, which first appeared online in September shortly after the implementation of the Amended Motor Vehicles Act, has now captured the Internet's attention again.

"My all-time favourite #doggo pic from #Delhi," wrote Twitter user Prerna Singh Bindra while sharing the photo online two days ago. "Such a good boy, this #dog. Should be @DelhiTrafficPol campaign for using helmets."

A lot of Twitter users completely agreed with her.

Of course, the hilarious picture has also inspired a lot of jokes, with some calling it "Delhi mein traffic police ka khauf (fear of traffic police in Delhi)".

Traffic challans have been hiked significantly under the Motor Vehicles Act. Traffic violations in the national capital dropped sharply by 66 per cent in the month of September this year, compared to the previous year, following its implementation.

This isn't the first time that dogs enjoying scooter rides have brightened up the Internet. In 2017, a video from Delhi, featuring three dogs on a scooter with their owner, had gone viral online.

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