This "Beautiful" Pomegranate Slicing Hack Has 3 Million Views

"All these years and after hundreds of pomogranate later I see this..." wrote one Twitter user

This 'Beautiful' Pomegranate Slicing Hack Has 3 Million Views

A pomegranate slicing hack has gone viral online.

A lot of food hacks have gone viral on the Internet recently, and this video is only the latest in a long line. The video, which shows a person slicing a pomegranate perfectly, is blowing people's minds. It has collected nearly 3 million views on Twitter, where it was shared by an account called '@engineeringvids' on Friday.

As anyone who has ever tried to slice a pomegranate will attest to, it can be a messy task. However, this viral video makes it look effortless - some even say "obscenely beautiful".

In the video, a person uses a sharp knife to slice a pomegranate still attached to the tree. The video shows the top of the pomegranate being slice open meticulously to reveal six perfect segments. Watch it below:

Since being shared online, the video has collected over 24,000 'retweets' and more than 1 lakh 'likes'. People were impressed by the pomegranate slicing hack and shared their appreciation in the comments section.

Some people even tried the hack out and said that it worked for them.

In June, a garlic peeling hack video had gone massively viral online, collecting more than 21 million views. Before that, it was a video on how to peel a pineapple correctly that had captured the Internet's attention.

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