This Article is From Mar 11, 2019

Twitter Baffled With Viral 'Peel And Eat' Pineapple Video

17 million views for this pineapple video

Twitter Baffled With Viral 'Peel And Eat' Pineapple Video

A pineapple video has netizens surprised.

After dividing social media into two camps with the pineapple on pizza debate, the divisive fruit is back and going viral again. A video that is gaining a lot of attention online might make you question everything you though you knew about eating pineapples. It shows a way to eat pineapples that you may not have seen before - and it has left people stunned.

The video shows a woman 'peeling' a pineapple - pulling chunks of the fruit away in sections to eat. The pineapple appears to have been cut in half.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared online, the video has collected over 17 million views on Twitter alone. It has also elicited a ton of reactions, most from people shocked by a hitherto-unknown way of eating pineapples:

Some tried the method for themselves:

And others claimed that the method worked, but came with the caveat that the pineapple had to be ripe:

And one Twitter user explained that the peel and eat method was possible because pineapples are actually berries fused together. "As the fruit grows the individual berries coalesce together. Each 'eye' is a single individual berry. They may seem fused together, but if you start from the top, you can pluck each eye one by one," he explained.

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