These Sassy Slogan Dresses Will Make You Say "That's Totally Me"

"Viktor & Rolf Spring 2019 Couture is speaking to me on a spiritual level" writes one person on Twitter

These Sassy Slogan Dresses Will Make You Say 'That's Totally Me'

Viktor & Rolf's sassy slogan gowns have gone viral online.

Move over, graphic tees - we now have high fashion couture gowns with sassy slogans. Fashion house Viktor & Rolf's Spring Couture 2019 collection, unveiled at the Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday, features some brilliant statement-making dresses (literally). With phrases ranging from "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come" to "Leave me alone", these dresses will make you say "That's totally me". There's something for every mood.

Since the collection was unveiled, memes featuring the dresses have flooded social media. Reactions to them have been curated into their own Twitter Moment.


Take a look:

Viktor & Rolf did not just use wry humour for their dresses; some also feature more optimistic phrases. One black gown, for example, features a smiling sun with the slogan "I want a better world".


Photo Credit: AFP

According to W Magazine, Dutch designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren sent out 34 meme-worthy dresses on the runway. Back in 2008, they had also designed a version of their "NO" gown with a gray trench that had the word jutting out in 3-D.

Which dress speaks to you the most? Let us know using the comments section below.

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