This Article is From Jul 14, 2014

The 6 Most Ridiculously Absurd Fashion Terms

The 6 Most Ridiculously Absurd Fashion Terms
Leg-of-mutton sleeve: Dear foodies, here is your perfect match. These delicious um, retro sleeves are your cup of tea. 

Meet the unfortunate ones of the fashion dictionary, they will leave your imagination in a fog of thoughts -  prepare to be puzzled, bewildered and bemused - but miles away from deciphering the true meaning of these terms, especially if you aren't a fashionista.

Misnomers of a unique variety, these rib-tickling terms are in competition with Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights With Kapil. True story.  


Lantern sleeve: If the Statue Of Liberty ever wanted to dress up, this sleeve would be its guiding light.


Palazzo: Ever wondered why designers use the word construction when describing the making of a garment? Guess what, this outfit has a lot to do with architecture (or not).


Angrakha: It literally means something that protects your body. You could go to war wearing this. Just kidding.



Mary Jane: Have you ever worn Mary Janes? Yes, a Mary Jane. This shoe has a real name, deal with it.


Chartreuse: A drink? an animal? a new planet? No, just a colour. A yellow-green one. Not a favourite member of the colour family, clearly.