The #10YearChallenge You Don't Want To Take, Courtesy Bengaluru Police

"Trust us, you don't want to take this challenge," wrote Bengaluru City Police

The #10YearChallenge You Don't Want To Take, Courtesy Bengaluru Police

An image shared by Bengaluru City Police to raise road safety awareness.

As the #10YearChallenge went viral last week, many police accounts began to use it to spread awareness through social media. After Mumbai Police and Jaipur Police, it was the turn of Bengaluru City Police. On Saturday, the Bengaluru City Police posted its own take on the 10 Year Challenge on Facebook and Twitter to share an important road safety message.

Calling it the challenge that nobody should want to take, Bengaluru Police shared an image where the first photograph shows a man riding a bike without a helmet, while talking on the phone. The second image is left blank, but the implication is clear.

"Trust us, you don't want to take this challenge. Wear a helmet and don't talk on the phone while riding/driving! #10yearchallenge," Bengaluru City Police captioned the picture.


The picture has collected over 1,300 'likes' and a ton of appreciative comments since being posted online.

Another road safety message by Bengaluru Police was widely praised online recently. It shared images from hit movies like Bird Box and A Quiet Place to urge citizens not to text while driving.


The Bengaluru City Police often posts innovative graphics to share social messages. One day ago, they shared an image to raise awareness about drugs that went viral with over 4,000 'likes' and more than 800 'shares'. The image used the lyrics of the popular Chamillionaire song Ridin'.


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