Reddit's Viral Post Reignites Glory Of India's 1983 Cricket World Cup Triumph

A Reddit post featuring an old cricket bat linked to India's 1983 World Cup victory has gone viral, with thousands of likes and reactions.

Reddit's Viral Post Reignites Glory Of India's 1983 Cricket World Cup Triumph

The bat is adorned with Thumbs Up's logo and the signatures of the winning team.

India engraved their name in the history of cricket with an empathetic win in the 1983 ODI World Cup. The Kapil Dev-led team defeated the mighty West Indies by 43 runs in the summit clash and made June 25 an immortal date. The entire cricket fandom of India celebrates the date every year, takes a trip down memory lane, and relives those golden moments. Talking about old days, a picture is going viral on social media, showing an old cricket bat that has a very close link with that great team of 1983. The picture was posted on Reddit by a user and shows the old cricket bat signed by the entire 83-man Indian team that lifted the World Cup for the very first time.

The Redditor shared that they stumbled upon the bat while tidying up old belongings. They revealed that they acquired the bat by collecting Thumbs Up's bottle caps. The bat showcases the Thumbs Up logo on one side, while the other side bears the signatures of India's 1983 World Cup team. The caption of the post reads, "We found this old bat that belongs to my dad while clearing out old stuff. He says he won this by collecting Thums Up bottle caps."

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The post was shared by a Reddit user named @batmantheedarkknight.

The bat's appearance on Reddit has triggered a wave of nostalgia among fans, prompting them to relive the iconic moments of that tournament. The post has garnered thousands of likes, sparking a flurry of reactions from the community. It's a powerful reminder of the unifying spirit of sports and the enduring legacy of India's history-making 1983 World Cup win.

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