This Article is From Jun 11, 2021

Video: Close Shave For Bike Rider As Iron Gate Nearly Falls On Him

The owner sensed that the gate would fall and therefore held on to it tightly, which saved the rider

A scooterist had a narrow escape from a falling metal gate.

It was a close shave for a bike rider in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, when an iron gate almost fell on him while he was passing through an alley. A video of the incident, lasting a little over a minute, shows the entire sequence of events. On another day, the incident could have caused massive injury to the bike rider. However, thanks to another man's reflex action, no damage was caused. “An iron gate falls just as a motorcyclist is passing through the alley. Luckily, the man behind the gate catches it before it strikes the rider," read the caption of the video.

Two CCTV cameras, placed at different angles, captured the incident. The clip begins with a man coming out of his car, parked right in front of what appears to be his residence. The man approaches his house and removes what looked like a small piece of brick supporting the iron gates. As soon as the man removed the “stopper”, the gate broke into two parts. Perhaps it was already broken and slipped the owner's mind.

Anyway, just as the gate was about to collapse, a bike rider passed by and noticed the gate was falling. He was riding at a good speed and tried to slow down right beside the car parked in front of the residence. The owner, however, sensed that the gate would fall and therefore held on to it tightly, which saved the rider.

The rider immediately parked his bike on the side of the road, got off it, and came to assist the owner in placing the broken gates on the outside wall. The two men also conversed in their language.

The footage captured by the second camera shows it was a narrow escape. A delay of a micro-second could have resulted in deadly consequences.

Even though the rider lost his balance and hit the side of the car, he quickly got back on his feet. He then picked one of the two parts of the gate and placed it near the wall.

In the comments section of the YouTube video, people lauded both men, who helped each other.

“He is kind enough to help him even though he was almost going to fall," wrote Rosh.

Another user, Rajesh Singh said if he were there, he "would gift the gate to the biker as  appreciation for his efforts."

"Building owner is very strong, he stopped falling part with one hand by holding at the bottom," said another YouTube watcher.

"The guy on the bike had a reflex." wrote Alo Ryt.

In a lighter vein, perhaps, a person suggested the owner should consider changing his gate "to paper door".

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