Watch: Cheeky Monkey Evades Capture, Then Punches His Owner's Face

After several attempts, the man managed to capture the little troublemaker

Monkeys have a reputation for being playful but also messy and mischievous. If you want them to do something in a particular way, there's a greater chance they won't. On their own, they could readily do the same thing twice over. So when a man in Florida tried to convince his pet monkey to get out of his bathroom, it did not agree. The man then tried to capture it, but the cheeky animal made him jump and scramble around the room as it bounced from wall to wall. Hilarious footage shows the monkey jumping on the walls of the bathroom with incredible speed like a pro as the human tried to get hold of it.

After several attempts, the man managed to capture the little troublemaker and held it in his arms. Angry at its curtailed liberty, the monkey screamed and tried to punch him. It also attempted to bite the man. Looks like the human managed to convince the monkey. The man then kisses the monkey as it settles down.

The whole incident, which happened in Florida, US, was shared on YouTube. It has got more than 7,000 views and several amused comments. 

“He hit you with 2 pretty good punches. Props to the monkey,” commented one user.

“I bet he is a handful in the house,” said another.

A third user appeared to sympathise with the man, who repeatedly tried to catch his pet. “Bahahaha one hell of a workout,” the comment read.

A person referred to the lightning-fast speed of the monkey as it jumped off from one wall to another. “The funny thing is the video was slowed down for us to be able to see.”

The video made a user want to have a monkey as a pet. “ I want one,” the reply read.

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