Meet Fabio Mattison, The YouTuber Who Gets Paid To Eat Online

Fabio Mattison has shared 200 videos on YouTube

Getting paid to eat may sound like the dream job to many. For YouTuber Fabio Mattison, however, it is more than just a job - it is an Internet trend that managed to cure her decade-long eating disorder.

Fabio Mattison, 28, was one of the first YouTubers in UK to join in the Mukbang craze - a trend that involves people filming themselves as they eat and interact with their audience. Mukbang became popular in South Korea in 2010.

According to Daily Mail, Fabio made her first video in 2018 - and experience she found therapeutic after dealing with years of struggling to eat in front of other people.

"Having thousands of people watching me eat online has somehow allowed me to enjoy eating again," she said according to Daily Mail. "I've had issues with food since I was 19 years old. I was constantly worried about putting on weight, and I had insecurities about people watching me eat."

According to Fabio, at one point it got so bad that she would cook and eat food on a stove in her room instead of going out to the kitchen. Watching Mukbang videos, however, made her realise that food is not a "big bad wolf" and she decided to try making a video herself.

Fabio Mattison now has over 8,000 subscribers on YouTube and makes money with videos where she films herself eating - a process she compares to "home therapy". She has been active on the video-sharing platform since June 2018 and has posted 200 videos there. Her videos show her eating everything from burgers to tacos to chocolate cakes and chips and collect thousands of views each.

"I get a lot of people who suffer from anxiety messaging me. They say my videos have helped take their mind off things, which, in turn helps me by boosting my self-esteem," she says.

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