Man Says Mumbai Traffic Gave Him "Middle-Class Trauma", Sparks Debate Online

In the comments section, users slammed Mr Gowande for suggesting that the city traffic gave him "middle-class trauma".

Man Says Mumbai Traffic Gave Him 'Middle-Class Trauma', Sparks Debate Online

The post has triggered a discussion online. (Representative pic)

Every now and then, several entrepreneurs and working professionals often list down which cities they prefer to settle in. This never-ending debate often garners mixed reactions, with each individual detailing the pros and cons of various cities. Now, once again, an X user has triggered a discussion on the microblogging site after expressing his views about Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Taking to X, user Bhaumik Gowande narrated his experience after landing at the Mumbai airport and exiting the premises. He commented on the traffic in Mumbai that he faced soon after exiting the airport. 

"Landing in Mumbai after living in New Delhi & just coming outside the Airport gives me the Third World Ick. God this city traffic really gives me middle-class trauma. Disgusted," Mr Gowande wrote. He also pointed out that despite landing at 7:15 pm on Thursday and walking out of the airport within an hour, the traffic on the roads of Mumbai didn't allow him a quick drop to his home. He claimed that it took him about 40 minutes to cover a distance of only 600 metres from the airport.

Mr Gowande shared the post just a few days back. Since then his post has triggered a discussion online. While some users agreed with the traffic scenario in the city, they weren't happy with the choice of words Mr Gowande used to describe it. In the comments section, users slammed Mr Gowande for suggesting that the city traffic gave him "middle-class trauma". 

"Traffic may be middle class, air quality is top class," wrote one user. "Hahaha .: you are saying as if New Delhi is first world city !!!!! Hahahahahaha," commented another. 

"You may not find city in best of shape. This city has been under make over since ages but yet it is a city with life. Once you get a habit of mumbai, it's difficult to leave. You will definitely find life & people much better," said a third user. 

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"Man saying like delhi has no traffic lmao, mumbai and delhi are almost same when it comes traffic. But when it comes to air, will always choose mumbai. In mumbai atleast i don't have to wear mask 24hrs to survive," added another. 

However, some users agreed with Mr Gowande. "Let's take this positively. Your suggestions are appreciated. Yes, i agree New Delhi NOT Delhi is planned perfectly. The population there is less. Mumbai has more population but is lesser than Tokyo. We need proper planning. I agree while landing and coming out of the airport the feeling is not good," said one X user. 

"While I don't like your tone, but the issues you raised are not invalid. Mumbai really needs to double up on making travel better," said another.

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