"Giant" Snake Slithers Into House. Watch How It Was Captured

The video showed the snake was on the kitchen slab, just behind the refrigerator and washing machine

A man was filmed removing a snake from the kitchen and laundry area of his house.

What would you do if you saw a giant snake in your kitchen? Scream, in all likelihood? Call for quick help, right? A household in Vietnam's Hai Phong was faced with a similar situation when facing a serpent that had made its way inside. They even shot a video of the wild creature that appeared to have lost its way and entered the house. The video showed the snake was on the kitchen slab, just behind the refrigerator and washing machine. Initially, it was a little difficult to trace it since everything was scattered in the kitchen. However, a man was filmed capturing the reptile with expert ease. 

The nearly 2-minute-long video, titled ‘Large Snake Removed From Laundry', was captioned, “A giant snake crawled into the house and we needed to remove it.”

Almost 40 seconds into the video, a man in a blue shirt and light-grey coloured pyjamas appeared to have gotten hold of the snake, which was trying to slither into the back of the refrigerator. The snake had its tail wrapped around the thigh of the man, who tried to pull it out with the help of several pieces of cloth.

The cloth helped him maintain his grip over the snake, which otherwise may have slipped away easily. In between, he also tried to communicate with others who were present there. Even as the man tried to get it out, the snake tried to slip deeper into the back of the fridge. Another member, then, quickly moved the fridge to make it easier for the man trying to take the snake out.

The man in the blue shorts slowly pulled it out of the fridge. With the help of a white cloth, he held the snake, rendering it incapable of harming anyone. He used both his hands to ensure the snake didn't slither away again. Sitting on his haunches, the man held the snake near its hood with his right hand and tail with his left. He kept the middle part of the snake's body under his left foot. A white bag was also seen lying near the man's feet. It appeared that he used the same bag to take the snake back to the forest.

What do you think about the calmness shown by the man in the video? Have you ever had an encounter with a snake in your life? Do let us in the comments.

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