"How The Email Found Me" Memes Are Viral And Totally Relatable

A meme for the year 2020.

'How The Email Found Me' Memes Are Viral And Totally Relatable

"How the email found me" memes will leave you in splits.

If you don't like your job, working even on a good day can be tough. But working in the middle of a pandemic and dealing with all the anxiety that brings on top? It's not easy. In such a scenario, it's not surprising that many people are satirizing one of the classic opening lines of professional communication: "Hope this email finds you well."

Many working professionals are now taking to social media to explain that the email did not, in fact, find them well. 

This has led to a hilarious trend on Twitter, where people are using pictures to explain how the email found them. The format is simple: People write "Hope the email finds you well" and then add "How the email found me", attaching pictures that convey anger, exhaustion, volatile mood swings and everything in between.


These "how the email found me" memes are too funny and totally relatable - especially in the year 2020. Take a look at them below:

One of the most popular tweets from this trend, this one has collected over 31,000 'likes'.

Never before has the classic "This is fine" meme been repurposed so smartly.

How did the email find you?

Not well, presumably.

Take a look at some other viral memes:

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