This Article is From Jul 31, 2014

Have You Argued Yet Over This Boss-Wife Ad?

Have You Argued Yet Over This Boss-Wife Ad?
Is it about a perfect relationship or about gender power play? Or does it stereotype the woman, even one who is a super-achiever? The jury is still out as a debate rages over a new ad by a leading telecom company that attempts to pitch its network as cupid in a modern family context.

Here's how the ad rolls -- a perfectly turned out super-boss asks her team to get a job done the same day. She indicates that "can't be done" is not an option. The boss leaves while her subordinate is hard at work.

Alone in the office, he gets a call from his wife who is whipping up dinner for him. She suggests he abandon work and come home to a great meal. For good measure she video calls him.

Turns out boss is also wife.

On social media some people have slammed the ad as "regressive." Others argue that it is not so - well-known author Shobhaa De said the ad depicts "consensual domesticity" and not "enforced domesticity." (Watch)

Then there are those who allege that the ad is flawed - HR policies in most places, they say - some of them in satirical tweets - don't allow husband and wife to work in such a situation. There are still others who have joined long conversations to say, "Hey it's just an ad."

Either way, it's a successful campaign - it has got the eyeballs and generated buzz.

We are still wondering though whether the assignment got done that day.

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