This Article is From Apr 13, 2021

Harsh Goenka Is Ready To Play In IPL, But He Has 2 Conditions

"I am playing cricket almost every evening," wrote Harsh Goenka

Harsh Goenka Is Ready To Play In IPL, But He Has 2 Conditions

Businessman Harsh Goenka has an unusual request for IPL team owners.

With the latest season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in full swing, cricket is on everyone's mind. Businessman Harsh Goenka is not an exception. Mr Goenka told his followers on Twitter that he has been playing cricket almost every evening. On Monday, the Chairman of RPG Group shared a photo of his playing field. Along with the snap, he had an unusual request. Mr Goenka said that he was ready to join an IPL team. But there is a catch. He needs a runner and the game should involve a tennis ball.

Sharing the photo, the 63-year-old wrote, "Thanks to the new life, I am playing cricket almost every evening. form! IPL team owners, I am available to play free of cost for you. Just two requests- the game should be played with a tennis ball and after scoring 50 runs, I should be allowed a runner!"

Mr Goenka's tweet led to some banter with his social media followers. One user wrote, "If the ball is hit in the sea, who brings it back? Or you don't bother and unwrap a new ball."

Replying to this, Mr Goenka said, "You are out as per rules."

Photographer Atul Kasbekar also had an interesting question: "Fifty runs that you score or the team total...?"

Some users came up with fun suggestions too.

When asked which IPL team he would like to join, Mr Goenka was quick to reply saying, "Delhi Capitals."

The businessman, who is active on social media, is known to share interesting content. He, however, came under fire recently for sharing a picture of a woman carrying lights in a wedding procession, with her baby tied to her shoulders in a sling. Upon praising the woman, Mr Goenka faced backlash for glorifying poverty on the social media platform.

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