From Undervalued To Double Pay: Woman Quits, Earns Ivy League Degree, Returns To Startup

A Bengaluru woman boosts career with Ivy League degree, doubles salary upon returning to startup, story goes viral.

From Undervalued To Double Pay: Woman Quits, Earns Ivy League Degree, Returns To Startup

Her story sparked widespread discussion on social media.

A Bengaluru woman has gone viral for her impressive career move. The woman, who felt undervalued at her startup, decided to take control of her future by quitting and pursuing a prestigious degree.

According to Adithya Venkatesan, who shared the story on social media, the woman believed her lack of an Ivy League education was hindering her from promotions and recognition.

Venkatesan says the woman left the startup and enrolled in an Ivy League university. After graduating, she returned to the same company, but this time, she commanded a salary more than double what she was previously making. Venkatesan claims the increase was closer to two and a half times her original pay.

The story has gone viral on social media and resonated with many online, garnering over 180,000 views and numerous reactions in just one day. The woman's decision to prioritise her education and leverage it for a significant salary increase is being hailed as an inspiration.

"Funny how all my focus went on the fact that the startup survived. Jokes apart, something that's intriguing to me is asking if she is being taken seriously now after the degree. Even though she had the degree, the people who didn't find value in her work were still the same," commented a user.

"This is a success story, but it's also kind of sad that we judge people's competence and intelligence by a degree from an Ivy League school when we all know that attending an Ivy League school does not necessarily equal competence, intelligence, etc," wrote another user.

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