Can You Decode Mumbai Police's Lockdown Mandate? Twitter Is Divided

"Crack this lockdown mandate," wrote Mumbai Police on Twitter.

Can You Decode Mumbai Police's Lockdown Mandate? Twitter Is Divided

Mumbai Police invited their followers to decode a puzzle (Representative Image)

Well known for its witty social media posts, Mumbai Police took to Twitter again today with a puzzle that has many applauding their creativity. This time, Mumbai Police drew inspiration from a topic that has been trending all over social media - the name of Elon Musk's newborn baby boy - to devise a brainteaser with an important message. 

Earlier this week, Mr Musk had sent social media into a tizzy when he revealed the name of his baby - X Æ A-12. The unusual name with its special character had many baffled as they tried to guess its meaning and pronunciation. Mumbai Police, however, took advantage of the interest around this quirky name to create a brainteaser. 

"*Æ b 8," they wrote on Twitter, adding a house emoji at the end and inviting people to decode the "lockdown mandate". Take a look at their post below:

Since being shared online two hours ago, the tweet has collected over 1,000 'likes' and dozens of replies. Twitter users, however, could not seem to agree on any one answer to the puzzle.

Take a look at what netizens think the answer to this puzzle might be:

One thing that everyone seemed to agree upon is that the code is actually a message urging citizens to stay at home during the ongoing lockdown. 


This is not the first time Mumbai Police has gotten creative to spread the message of social distancing. Only yesterday, they tweaked the names of famous music bands to create slogans urging citizens to stay indoors. 

What do you think the answer to their lockdown mandate is?

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