This "Phir Hera Pheri" Meme Adds To Assam Police's War On Drugs

The meme features the character Kachra Seth, a drug peddler from the 2006 Hindi comedy film Phir Hera Pheri

This 'Phir Hera Pheri' Meme Adds To Assam Police's War On Drugs

Assam police shared a meme showing a mass drug burning site.

Strengthening its fight against narcotics, Assam police recently conducted a mass disposal of drugs and burned down 935 kg of illicit drugs. Now, the police have reiterated their stance on illegal drugs through a hilarious meme.

Assam police shared a picture from the mass drug burning site on its Twitter handle that featured Kachra Seth, a drug peddler featured in the 2006 Hindi comedy movie Phir Hera Pheri.

The character had a dialogue box over his head that read, “Kadak maal tha (it was a strong variant)", albeit in past tense as the drug had been destroyed. The actual dialogue in the movie was "Kadak maal hai".

"Ganja Heroin - All gone in the flames! To all the Kachra Seths around, here's some news for you: We'll continue our offensive against drug trafficking, across the state," the police wrote while using hashtags "War on drugs" and "Assam against drugs".

Assam police's unique attempt to convey a message against drug trafficking drew praise from Twitter users.

This user seemed to have a good time laughing at the meme and hailed the creativity of the cops as "superb".

Another lauded the efforts of the police and wrote “well done”.

This is not the first time Assam police has resorted to using memes to convey a message on drug menace. Last year, they shared a meme highlighting the menace and warning drug peddlers of jail time if they didn't give up on the illegal drug trade. "If the neighborhood drug peddlers have vanished into thin air, well, that's on us" the police wrote. "The inconvenience is not regretted!” they added.

The meme featured a scene from the 2006 movie Vivah. However, the police tweaked Amrita Rao's dialogue a bit to suit the situation. “Jail chaliye, thak gaye honge drugs peddling karte karte (Come to jail, must have got tired peddling drugs)” the text read.

The Assam police, as part of its war on drugs, has disposed of a huge quantity of drugs including heroin, raw methamphetamine, and cannabis. It seized drugs consisting of 19 lakh meth tablets and over 3.70 lakh bottles of cough syrup, among other contrabands.

Mumbai Police, too, is known for its humourous take on various social issues. They had once tweeted about the menace of riding a bike without a helmet. To get their point across, they used the popular songs from the 90s -- Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, Kuch Dur Chalte Hi. A man riding a bike without a helmet was the subject of the tweet. In the first image, we see him leaving the house on a bike without wearing a helmet. The second image shows him being stopped by the police and fined.

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