This Article is From Oct 03, 2019

After Sweet Maggi, Video Of Chocolate Cherry Dosa Angers Twitter

The sweet dosa was widely panned on Twitter

After Sweet Maggi, Video Of Chocolate Cherry Dosa Angers Twitter

A video of a person preparing chocolate dosa has annoyed social media users.

Food wars on the Internet are no longer limited to pineapple on pizza, they have now extended to dishes like Maggi and dosa too. A few days ago, a video of Maggi noodles being cooked with rose and milk to prepare a sweet concoction had enraged the Internet. Now, it is a video of dosa sans masala that has Twitter up in arms.

Three days ago, Twitter user Darshan Pathak shared a video of a person cooking dosa. The chef is seen spreading the batter with chocolate syrup, followed by cashews, raisins, almonds and finally, cherries to create a sweet dosa. Dosas are rice batter crepes traditionally served plain or with a stuffing of savoury potatoes.

"Things like this will make you lose faith in humanity!" Mr Pathak wrote while sharing the video of the chocolate cherry dosa. A lot of people agreed with his unfavourable opinion of the sweet dosa, panning the dish as "terrible" and "stupid".

The video has collected over 95,000 views since being shared online. However, people did not seem too taken in by the sweet version of the classic South Indian dish. Some asked why mess with perfection, while others wondered how they could "unsee" the video.

However, a few were willing to give chocolate dosa a try. "Delicious," wrote one person, while another said "It's his verson of a crepe, you're overreacting."

Would you give chocolate dosa a try? Let us know using the comments section.

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