"Challan Will Meet Him Soon:" Mumbai Police On Man's "Call Cops" Dare

The man, who was sitting on a scooter with a child, even refused to give way to other vehicles.

'Challan Will Meet Him Soon:' Mumbai Police On Man's 'Call Cops' Dare

The man was seen without a helmet.

It's never wise to break traffic rules. And if you have, make sure to not challenge the Mumbai Traffic Police. The traffic police department has sent this message out loud to travellers in the metropolis. When a Twitter user complained about a man riding a two-wheeler on the wrong side of the road, Mumbai Police was quick enough to note the post and replied, “If he (the offender) has called us, then we will have to meet him...Our challan will meet him soon.”

As per the tweet, the man, who was sitting on a scooter with a child, even refused to give way to other vehicles. He was not even wearing a helmet. When he was asked to give way to other vehicles, the man mockingly told them, “Bulao police ko (Call the police)”.

“Such a mockery of the law. Nowadays no one fears nor respects Mumbai Police, Mumbai Traffic Police,” the user said.

Several people have praised the prompt action by Mumbai Traffic Police.

“Do share the challan details - and ensure the person pays. Let's remind ourselves that if this guy isn't taught a lesson then he is giving the kid with him a very bad lesson of breaking rules and taking the law for granted -- poor child,” said a user.

“That's called challan wala selfie as well as the new poster boy of a traffic violation,” said another.

But some also pointed out that the man appeared to be sitting on a parked vehicle, so it could be wrong to accuse him of violating the traffic safety laws.

One user, however, drew attention to the issue of people parking vehicles on the road without consideration for other travellers.

“Can you please have a look at the Shaikh Mistri Dargah Road starting from Wadala Bridge to Antop Hill Church? People have made the road a free parking area with a market,” the user said.

Mumbai Police is known for its quick and catchy response on Twitter.