Ground Report: How Neighbour Discovered Gruesome Mumbai Murder

Manoj Sane, 56, has been arrested by the police for killing his partner Saraswati Vaidya at their home in Mumbai's Mira Road.

The brutal Mumbai murder also reminded the shocking killing of Shraddha Walkar.


A man in Mumbai brutally murdered his live-in partner and chopped up her body into pieces to dispose them off, the police said today.

Manoj Sane, 56, has been arrested for killing his partner Saraswati Vaidya at their rented apartment in Mumbai's Mira Road.

Manoj Sane and the 32-year-old woman had been living on the seventh floor of Akashganga building in Mira Road for the past three years.

The man was caught after a neighbour noticed a foul smell wafting from the couple's flat and alerted the authorities.

The neighbour, Somesh Srivastava, told NDTV that he first went to their home to check the odour.

"No one opened the door at the first knock. I heard a sound of spray after which Manoj Sane came out," he said.

"Manoj Sane told me he was going out for some work. I then alerted the building administration and we immediately informed the police," he said.

Mr Srivastava said when the police broke into their flat they found two cutters, including an electric one.

Police also found three buckets in the kitchen in which Manoj had allegedly dumped the woman's body parts, he said.

They have seized the two cutters and other evidence from the couple's home for forensic examination.

Officials said some body parts were found to be missing and that they suspect the man may have dumped them gradually in different areas of the city.

Sources say the odour at the flat was so strong that cops found it difficult to carry out the search.

"Police have found a body of a woman who had been cut into pieces, from a society in the Mira Road area. Here a couple was living in a live-in relationship. Further Investigation underway," Jayant Bajbale, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Mumbai said.

Mr Srivastava and couple's another neighbour said the couple did not mingle with the other residents.

The brutal murder also reminds the shocking killing of Shraddha Walkar.

Shraddha Walkar was brutally murdered by her live-in partner Aaftab Poonawala last year following an argument over expenses and infidelity. He allegedly chopped Shraddha's body into 35 pieces, which he kept in a fridge and disposed of over 18 days.