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Mumbai: Mom And Teen Daughter Tackle SSC Papers And The Kitchen

Mumbai: Mom And Teen Daughter Tackle SSC Papers And The Kitchen

(From left) While Sarita and Shrutika's SSC exam began yesterday, Kshitija's HSC exams began on February 18. (Pic/Shadab Khan)

Mumbai: At the Zagade household in Sewri, three members of the family are appearing for the ongoing board examinations. However, not all of them are teenagers. While Kshitija is appearing for her HSC examination that began on February 18, her younger sibling Shrutika is appearing for her SSC exam with their mother Sarita Zagade (45).

Residents of Wageshwari Nagar in Sewri, the Zagade family have become a talking point for many. Sarita, who had to leave her education after Std IV, has restarted it and is appearing for SSC examination through Kirti Night School in Sewri.

While Kshitija's exams have already begun, for Sarita and Shrutika's board papers started yesterday. The Zagade women have segregated their kitchen chores in accordance with the timetable.

When there is an HSC paper, Sarita and Shrutika take turns and Kshitija looks after the household during the SSC papers.

Sarita's husband Vishwanath Zagade's encouragement has been the source of motivation for her. "I was not able to complete my education. I was in class IV when my father died. We were four sisters and one brother. Us sisters then got together to earn money to run the household," said Sarita, who worked as a domestic help to earn for the family.

Vishwanath, who works with the Tax Appellate Tribunal, is a graduate and always wanted Sarita to complete her education. "I kept convincing her and she finally agreed two years ago. She then took admission at a night school. I want her to study further as much as she wants to," said Vishwanath.

Sarita said, "I thought I should give it a try after my children are old enough to take care of themselves. At first, I was uncomfortable because I felt like a misfit in a class full of children." Sarita and Shrutika study together since most of their subjects are the same.

Kshitija and Shrutika are elated seeing their mother complete her education and are more than willing to put extra efforts at home.

"We are happy that our mother is completing her education. It is not an easy thing to do at this age," said Kshitija.

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