Soha Ali Khan's Power-Packed Squats And Crunches Are A Reminder To End The Work Week Strong

From squats to crunches, Soha Ali Khan's workout routine is worth taking notes from

Soha Ali Khan's Power-Packed Squats And Crunches Are A Reminder To End The Work Week Strong

Soha Ali Khan's fitness regime has been deeply rooted in a conscious and holistic approach. Her dedication and passion towards her routine has now served as much-needed inspiration for us to hit the gym. From core-strengthening to intense cardio sessions, her routine is a mix of everything. The actress loves to give us a sneak peek of her regime and her latest workout video is the only motivation we need to prepare for the holiday season. Soha recently uploaded a workout video and wrote, "Embracing life's ups and downs." In the video, she opted for cardio as well as weight training. She truly is beating those midweek blues with her consistent dose of energy. She started off with a variation of the spot jog in which she was holding a rod in one hand as she jogged. This helps in building stamina and is a great way to warm up as well.

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In the next exercise, she used a weight to pull her body weight as she climbed the wall using her legs. This is another way to strengthen those muscles and focus on the core.

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Next on her workout list is a variation of crunches. In the video, she used a ball to improve her balance and level up her game. Crunches are a great way to improve the core and burn those calories.

Next up, she did a variation of mountain climbers. She used a kettlebell to balance her hands as she performed the exercise. This workout intensely focuses on the core and the legs. It is considered a great workout for a sculpted core.

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She followed her workout with a variation of weighted squats that help to strengthen the glutes and improve the thigh muscles.

She then did deep squats, which is quite an advanced-level workout. She used a dumbbell while working out. This helps in improving glute muscles and strengthens the thighs.

Soha Ali Khan is killing it with her workout routine and these isn't even her favourite. Watch the video below to find out which one she likes the most and which she enjoys doing the most with her daughter Innaya.

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