Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Powerful Roundhouse Kick Is The Kind Of Mid-Week Fitness Inspiration We Need

Samantha Ruth Prabhu's impeccable kicking technique is inspiring us to get our fitness game in check

Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Powerful Roundhouse Kick Is The Kind Of Mid-Week Fitness Inspiration We Need

Samantha's Roundhouse Kick Is The Mid-Week Fitness Inspiration We Need

Samantha Ruth Prabhu leaves no stone unturned when it comes to setting fitness goals. Whether she's sharing her morning routine, revealing her metabolic age, or simply posting videos of her gym sessions, the actress is a true fitness enthusiast. In a recent post, Samantha challenged herself to flawlessly execute a roundhouse kick. The video on her Instagram Stories shows the actress giving us a glimpse of her impeccable kicking technique that left us in awe. For those unfamiliar, a roundhouse kick involves swinging the leg in a circular motion and targeting the opponent with the top or ball of the foot, shin, or knee. In her caption, Samantha wrote, “One day at a time.”

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On World Health Day, Samantha Ruth Prabhu shared her morning routine. She said, “I wake up at 5.30 and as soon as I wake up, I start journaling. I write a gratitude journal. I set myself up to have a good day… And then, just five minutes of sun soak. I do a breathing exercise. What I follow is the Wim Hof method. I really, really like that. Meditation - like 25 minutes of meditation. I have been doing Isha Kriya for a while now and it has been transforming.” “I have recently, over the last couple of months, started tapping. So tapping is a process that helps you balance your energy and also helps relieve pain. So journaling, sun soak, Wim Hof, meditation, tapping, that is a lot; 5, but you can start with one or two and you will see great changes,” Samantha Ruth Prabhu added.

Before that, Samantha Ruth Prabhu attempted to debunk myths about Myositis, an autoimmune condition with which she was diagnosed in 2022. The actress discussed that this autoimmune condition could also affect healthy individuals who follow a nutritious diet and are born with good genes. She urged everyone to be “safe rather than sorry” and shared, “I worked out, I woke up early, I laughed a lot, I ate healthily, I worked out like crazy.”

Just like us, are you also inspired by Samantha Ruth Prabhu's fitness journey?

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