Janhvi Kapoor Visits "Mumma's Most Favourite Place In Chennai" And Here's Why You Should Too

Make a trip to Muppathanam Temple like Janhvi Kapoor to soak in the spirituality of this popular temple town

Janhvi Kapoor Visits 'Mumma's Most Favourite Place In Chennai' And Here's Why You Should Too

Janhvi Kapoor Visited "Mumma's Most Favourite Place In Chennai" And So Can You

It is no secret that Janhvi Kapoor loves to travel. The talented actress not only manages to keep fans informed about her globetrotting sprees but also creates special memories at each location. A case in point is her latest Instagram upload where she is seen with a family member, visiting a temple in Chennai. Sharing details in the caption she revealed that she was at the Muppathanam temple, one of her late mother, veteran actress Sridevi's favourite places to visit. Dressed in a half-saree, Janhvi Kapoor looked lovely in her traditional look. She wrote: “Visited Muppathanam temple for the first time [heart emoji]. Mummas most favourite place to visit in Chennai.”

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The presiding deity in this temple is Muppathanam and just like the late star Sridevi, many travel far and wide to offer their blessings. Many devotees visit the temple 108 on Tuesdays and Fridays as it is believed to solve all their problems. In the sanctum sanctorum, Muppatman is seen in the sitting posture. It is believed that if people with naga dosha come here and worship the deity, the dosha will be removed. If you light a lamp on a lemon peel and worship for nine consecutive weeks on Tuesdays or Fridays, you will soon be blessed with marriage.

Janhvi Kapoor visits many temples throughout the year to discover and rediscover her spiritual journey. And what better timing than now when her latest movie, Mr and Mrs Mahi is all set to release? The Muppathanam Temple in Chennai may not be as popular as its many counterparts in the city but it holds a significant place for many devotees like Janhvi Kapoor. To make this trip to Chennai even more memorable, Janhvi Kapoor may help you further with her latest offering - her Chennai abode being listed on Airbnb to make you feel right at home. The plush interiors offer a distinctly contemporary vibe but fused with many traditional accents, remain truly Indian at heart. 

A trip to Chennai has never seemed this inviting.  

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