After Carrie Bradshaw's Rs 73K JW Anderson Clutch, Uorfi Javed Has Her Version Of The Famous Pigeon Purse

Uorfi Javed's latest accessory is drawing comparisons to Carrie Bradshaw's famous pigeon purse

After Carrie Bradshaw's Rs 73K JW Anderson Clutch, Uorfi Javed Has Her Version Of The Famous Pigeon Purse

After Carrie Bradshaw's Rs 73K Clutch, Urfi's Version Of The Pigeon Purse

When it comes to fashion, Uorfi Javed isn't afraid to push the envelope. She is the kind of icon who doesn't just follow trends, she sets them. Recently she stepped out rocking a little hot pink dress that was enough to make every LBD jealous. This body-hugging number had it all: a daring plunging neckline, a strapless design, and flattering ruched detailing that screamed confidence. But wait, there's more drama! Slung on her shoulder was a very striking accessory. She carried a pigeon purse with her look, which felt a little like deja vu.

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The avian accessory was reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw's look in And Just Like That. In 2023, the highly fashionable TV show created a stir when the star sported a pigeon purse during production. Carrie's clutch in particular was crafted by JW Anderson and cost $890, which is approximately Rs 73,000.

Uorfi Javed's knack for DIY never fails to captivate us. In her latest Instagram entry, she took creativity to a whole new level by crafting a skirt out of dolls. She skillfully repurposed their clothes, braided their hair, and ingeniously joined their feet to form a one-of-a-kind skirt. Now, that's what we call innovation. Pairing the unique skirt with a simple bralette, Uorfi let her DIY creation steal the spotlight. With her hair elegantly pulled up into a ponytail and styled in playful curls, she exuded charm and confidence. Completing the look with sleek black heels, glossy lips, and shimmering eyeshadow, Uorfi sealed the deal on this look.

Prior to her doll skirt creation, Uorfi Javed embarked on another innovative fashion journey. This time, she grabbed plastic spoons, painted them in a chic pink hue, and crafted a stylish top. Pairing it effortlessly with a flowing skirt that gracefully draped over her thighs, Uorfi added a touch of edge to her look. Black underpants injected pizzazz into her look. Completing her appearance with dewy glam, Uorfi showcased her unparalleled ability to turn ordinary items into extraordinary fashion statements.

Uorfi Javed's on-point fashion game always steals all the fashion headlines.

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