Amit Shah's 7 Questions On Gold Scam To Kerala Chief Minister At Rally

Kerala Assembly Election 2021: "Answers to these questions are important in public life. There must be transparency," Home Minister Amit Shah said

Kerala Election 2021: Home Minister Amit Shah at a rally in Kerala today


  • Amit Shah was in Kerala as part of the BJP's campaign
  • He took a swipe at Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan over gold case
  • Mr Shah asked questions that he said the Chief Minister must answer

The war of words between Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and BJP leaders has intensified with Home Minister Amit Shah countering allegations against the centre with seven questions to the Chief Minister, challenging him to answer them publicly.

The questions raised are linked to gold and dollar smuggling cases with alleged links to the ruling Left government, according to probe agencies. The customs department recently told the Kerala High Court that the accused woman "has made shocking revelations against the Chief Minister, Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan and some ministers".

Mr Shah was in Kerala as part of the BJP's campaign for the state election to be held on April 6.

"Were the main accused of the dollar gold scam working in your office, working under you or not, yes or no? Did your government give the accused a monthly salary of Rs 3 lakh, yes or no? Did your main secretary give a fake certificate and an important post to the woman under a government programme, yes or no? Was this accused woman taken by you or your officials on foreign trips, yes or no? Did this accused woman visit your official residence? People want to know did she visit or not? When illegal gold was found at the airport, did your office put pressure on customs, yes or no? ED (Enforcement Directorate) and customs officials have been attacked. Has this been probed in detail, yes or no? Has a probe been done regarding a suspicious death," Mr Shah said at a rally today.

"Answers to these questions are important in public life. There must be transparency. You (Chief Minister) have raised allegations. And today I publicly ask you questions. I hope you will answer these publicly," Mr Shah said.

Mr Vijayan on Saturday alleged that central investigative agencies have taken over the election campaigns in the state. The Chief Minister said the customs commissioners' goal is to "defame" and "insult" the state government at a time when election to the assembly is near.

"All I have to say to the BJP and the agencies that dance to their tunes is this - we are not the kind of people you are accustomed to dealing with. We are different. No matter what you do, this land will not blame us. Our lives are open books, and you will soon realise it," Mr Vijayan said on Saturday.

The National Investigation Agency, the Enforcement Directorate and the customs are conducting separate investigations into the gold smuggling case that was busted at Thiruvananthapuram airport on July 5 last year.

The CPM took out protest marches outside the customs offices in Kerala on Saturday. Customs Commissioner Sumit Kumar wrote on Facebook, "A political party trying intimidation, will not work".