This Article is From Dec 03, 2011

A new song urges people to save the Mullaperiyar Dam

A new song urges people to save the Mullaperiyar Dam
Palakkad: Prasobh M R, the third runner-up of Asianet-Idea Star Singer  show in 2008, has brought out a song titled "Do something" urging the people and the powers to be to do something to save the Mullaperiyar dam.

Prasobh, who had appeared in other reality shows as well, says that the song has been done both in English and Malayalam and was not intended for any monetary benefit. "We have done the song in English since it is a universal language. Both the Malayali and the Tamil people would understand English and therefore, even for the Malayalam portion of the song we have given English sub-titles," says M N Ramachandran, father of Prasobh who composed the lyrics in Malayalam.

The English titles have been provided by Prasanth, the brother of Prasobh.

The song begins thus "Mullaperiyar theerathil ninnum, 30 lakhshathinte thengalugal...

The song says that a new dam was inevitable and what we want was peaceful co-existence between the neighbours. It exhorts the people, mostly the youths, to see that Kerala does not vanish from the earth.

"The orchestration has been done by Sajith Sankar and the song has a duration of five minutes," says Prasobh who heads the Swastika band set.

He adds that there was no use crying over spilt milk. There was no use moaning after the mishap. The video will be ready in two days and it will be uploaded on the YouTube.

"It is for a social cause that the song has been composed and it is felt that it will serve the purpose," says Prasobh who was the Kalapratibha at the A Zone Youth Festival of Calicut University in 2009 and 2010 consecutively. Prasobh is a third year student of the NSS College of Engineering here.