This Article is From May 25, 2023

No Discussion Yet On Banning Groups Like Bajrang Dal: Karnataka Minister

The Congress's Karnataka election manifesto had said that the party was committed to acting against organisations like the Bajrang Dal and Popular Front of India (PFI).

No Discussion Yet On Banning Groups Like Bajrang Dal: Karnataka Minister

The Congress manifesto had pledged to crack down on groups like the Bajrang Dal.


Karnataka Minister G Parameshwara on Thursday said that no discussions have taken place so far about banning organizations like Bajrang Dal since the Congress government assumed power in the state. He emphasised that any comments made on this matter could be opinions and were given in response to media inquiries.

Mr Parameshwara's comments were prompted by a question regarding a reported statement from his cabinet colleague Priyank Kharge suggesting that the government could ban groups such as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bajrang Dal if they disturbed the peace.

"No discussions regarding this have taken place. In our manifesto, we mentioned Bajrang Dal and PFI, stating that we would take action, potentially to the extent of banning them if they disrupt peace. Beyond that, no discussions have taken place," said Mr Parameshwara.

When addressing reporters, Mr Parameshwara underscored that opinions might have been shared when the media asked, but such matters need thorough discussion. "When the situation arises, the government will discuss and decide," he said. Mr Parameshwara is among the eight ministers recently inducted into the cabinet led by Siddaramaiah on May 20.

In response to a question about withdrawing anti-conversion and cow slaughter laws, Mr Parameshwara stated that any legislation or rules that are anti-society, disrupt peace, or are anti-people will be subject to review.

"Our goal is to provide a pro-people government. If a situation arises where we need to withdraw legislation to deliver such an administration, we will," he affirmed.

On Wednesday, Minister Kharge announced that orders and legislations, such as school textbook revision and anti-conversion and anti-cow slaughter laws, enforced under the previous BJP regime, which are perceived as against the state's interest, will be reviewed or withdrawn by the new Congress government.

Mr Parameshwara, when asked about demands for revising school textbooks, stated that forming a full-fledged government and allocating portfolios are the immediate priorities. Once these tasks are accomplished, the government can discuss and decide on such matters.

"The media seems eager for immediate action. Once a full-fledged government is in place and portfolios are allocated, concerned Ministers will review matters and bring them to the cabinet for decision-making. Individual statements do not equate to government decisions," he explained.

Mr Parameshwara confirmed the government's commitment to fulfilling the five guarantees promised during the election campaign, noting that they have received in-principle approval during the first cabinet meeting. The respective departments are now working on implementation procedures to be discussed in the next cabinet meeting.