Key Details Of New Karnataka Government's 5 Schemes

The Congress had given five guarantees that it would fulfil if voted to power in Karnataka; the Siddaramaiah government has given details of the five schemes

Key Details Of New Karnataka Government's 5 Schemes

Mr Siddaramaiah meets state government officers to take a decision on implementation of 5 guarantees

New Delhi: The new Congress government in Karnataka has announced it will make good the promises it made before the recent state election. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's government today gave details of the five schemes it will start.

Here are the details of the 5 Karnataka schemes

  1. Gruha Jyothi Scheme: Every home will get 200 units of free power from July 1. Those who have cleared their past electricity bills are eligible for this scheme.

  2. Gruha Lakshmi Scheme: Any household that has a woman as the head of family will Rs 2,000 every month starting August 5. Women from below poverty line (BPL) and other economically weaker families are eligible.

  3. Yuva Nidhi Scheme: Unemployed graduates in Karnataka will get an allowance of Rs 3,000 per month. Unemployed diploma holders will get Rs 1,500 per month.

  4. Anna Bhagya Scheme: BPL families will get 10 kg rice for free from July 1.

  5. Shakti Scheme: Free travel in government buses within the state for women from June 11.

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