This Article is From May 17, 2021

Bengaluru Group Delivers Free, Fresh Meals To Families In Covid Isolation

The fatigue makes it difficult to find the energy to cook. This is where a group of Bengaluru-based NGOs has stepped in with a food delivery service,

The meals are being cooked at various kitchens spread across Bengaluru.


With hospital beds hard to find as India battles a devastating second wave of Covid infections, asymptomatic patients and those with mild symptoms are being encouraged to isolate themselves at home.

But the fatigue caused by the infection makes it difficult to find the energy to cook healthy meals. This is where a group of Bengaluru-based NGOs, CoronaCare Bengaluru, has stepped in with their service, 'Food to your doorstep'.

As part of the initiative, fresh and nutritious meals are being provided for free to Covid patients in home isolation and their families. The meals are being cooked at various kitchens spread across the city and delivered to the doorstep.

Among the NGOs that are involved in the initiative are The Good Quest Foundation, Project Vision, Don Bosco BREADS, AIFO, ECHO and Orione Seva.

Santhosh Kumar, Director of Good Quest Foundation, told NDTV, "We are a group of young people, of working professionals, students, entrepreneurs, people in the government field. We are all coming together as like-minded people to serve the community in need right now."

"Our project is called Food To Your Doorstep. We are catering to patients in home isolation who can't find hospital beds and can't access the kitchen to cook. We are providing lunch and dinner. Our volunteers can deliver food to their doorstep," he added.

Abhijit is a young volunteer working at one of the kitchens.

"We are packing food packets for Covid patients and their families and delivering them as per requirement," he said.

Over 1,000 food packets are being delivered daily as part of the initiative.

The menu includes chapatis, rice, vegetables and sambar. Eggs and fruits are being added too, as per the preferences of the families.

Rehana has been receiving the meals for two weeks now after a friend helped organise it. "My parents and I were not even in a condition to move. So my friend said she would send food from home. I said, 'Don't do that. People are even scared to come near our door.' She then made this arrangement. At the beginning, I was hesitant to take food from outside, but the food is really good. It has been a huge support," she told NDTV.

Frank heard about the service from his sister. "It has really helped us because in this situation, it is difficult for us to cook or take care of ourselves," he said.

The group is also helping with delivery of medicines and counselling for those facing mental health issues owing to the pandemic and the lockdown.