This Article is From Dec 12, 2022

"Shocking Revelation," Tweets Journalist. "Some Animal Excreta," Say Cops

The Kanpur Police was straightforward in dismissing the rumours regarding the objects.

'Shocking Revelation,' Tweets Journalist. 'Some Animal Excreta,' Say Cops

The Kanpur police's reply elicited hilarious responses from Twitter users. (File)


A journalist who tweeted about some "egg-shaped" object being found in a village in Kanpur received a prompt reply from the cops. Sharing a video of the ball-shaped objects, the journalist claimed the police have made shocking revelations, hinting those could be something suspicious. 

"These egg-shaped shells were found in Kanpur's Bilhaur. Several talks are doing rounds among the villagers. The police made shocking revelations after they reached the spot," his tweet read. 

The police were straightforward in dismissing the rumours regarding the objects. "There is nothing suspicious. It's some animal's excreta," replied the Kanpur Police Commissionerate.

The police's reply elicited hilarious responses from Twitter users, including a user terming it as "savage max". 

Another said, "Kanpur police you rock."

"Just Kanpur thing," a comment read.

Days ago, a Twitter exchange between the Pune City Police and a biker who violated traffic rules had gone viral. The police caught Melvin Cherian riding without a helmet and shared the photo with him. Mr Cherian then tweeted the photo and wrote, "Thank you, Pune Police. I look good. I will pay the challan though”.

The police soon came with a witty reply: “Sure. P.S: A black helmet will go very well with that nice black jacket though." 

Later, Mr Cherian tweeted the photo of the paid challan amount and said he will buy a black helmet, as suggested by the police.

"Pune City Police challan paid, and I promise to buy a nice black helmet as you suggested. Media houses have made me famous though. I got some 5-6 clients since yesterday as the media was gracious enough to address me as a Fitness Entrepreneur."