This Article is From Jan 17, 2011

Car rally for the visually challenged in Jaipur

Jaipur: Those who are visually challenged cannot drive but, they can certainly help you to get to your destination. That is exactly what a car rally for the visually challenged helped demonstrate in Jaipur.

Those with sight were behind the wheels and their navigators were the ones without sight who followed a route map in braille and asked their drivers to repose blind faith in them while they got them to the finishing line.

Wondering how was the experience?

Vijaykirti, who finished a 70 kilometre rally with Veena Jain, could probably tell us.

"It was amazing... it was very challenging," said Vijaykirti who completed the race with Veena who can't see. A visibly happy Vijaykirti followed Veena's directions on where to turn, which direction to move in and even the landmarks on route their destination.

While Vijaykirti seemed content, her navigator Veena too was happy about her accomplishment.

"Such things inspire us to become independent... even people know that blinds too can do what they want," said Veena.

The car rally for the visually impaired was a part of the Jaipur heritage festival.

"Sighted person can drive but he does not know where to go as the route chart is in braille system which can be deciphered by blind navigator and every moment sight will have to depend on sightless as to what to do," said ML Mehta , President Eye Bank society. 

 More than 40 teams participated in the rally and the visually challenged proved they are second to none when it comes to taking responsible roles.