After Gulf Nations Cut Ties With Doha, Indians In Qatar Advised To Stay Alert

India has asked its nationals staying in Qatar to stay safe, while assuring them that they are monitoring the situation closely.

After Gulf Nations Cut Ties With Doha, Indians In Qatar Advised To Stay Alert

The Foreign Ministry advised Indians in Qatar to stay safe and vigilant (File Photo)

Dubai: India has asked its nationals in Qatar to stay alert and modify their travel plans after several Gulf nations cut off diplomatic ties with Doha accusing it of supporting terrorism.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt announced that they were cutting diplomatic relations with Qatar, along with the closing of travel links.

The Gulf nations accused Qatar of supporting "terrorism". Air connectivity provided by several airlines between these countries has been disrupted, as a result of cancellation of a number of flights.

Indian travelers are, therefore, requested to contact their travel providers for advice on modifications to their travel arrangements and also remain alert for further developments, according to a statement by the Indian embassy in Doha.

The Indian embassy said that it is monitoring the situation closely and is in touch with the Qatari authorities to ensure the safety and security of Indian nationals in Qatar.

The Qatari authorities have conveyed that they will take all necessary steps to ensure that normal life, including supplies of food items, is not affected.

"There is nothing happening in the region that suggests any threat to the physical safety and security of residents in Qatar," the statement added.
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